Superior coaching occurs when there is permission by the client to enter conversations and territories that have been guarded and kept private.   A coach with access and permission is admitted to a space of“most potential”.  Remarkable insights and shifts present themselves and the client gains momentum, positivity, purpose, and motivation.


As a coach we help clients accomplish the below by Preparing them for the health Journey, going through the Health Journey and Transforming themselves for a Lifetime of Optimal Health and Wellbeing.

  1. Encourage client to reflect on not just where they are, but how they are thinking and feeling about their current reality. Have them observe and reflect on their current choices and connect those to their current placement in the key areas of health and wellbeing.
  2. Help client to become clear on why they are where they are.  Help them understand the importance of intrinsic motivation in fueling their journey and understand why they are ready to begin now. Is their motivation coming from within or is it because their spouse is nagging them, or their doctor is scaring them into action? If so, it will be so important to awaken them as soon as possible to become focused and excited about doing it for themselves.
  3. Helping client determine how they will create what they want. Help client gain strategies, tools, and methods they will use to help create long-term optimal health and wellbeing. Client will explore steps they will take and feel confident to evaluate their progress and adjust along the way.
  4. Work with client on building a healthy mindset. The goal is for the client to understand how the people, places and things that surround them, can be modified to serve them in creating their new story. They will realize the power and importance of self-awareness and discover the tools for building a healthy mindset.
  5. Help client on the path to a healthy weight for life. We help client set a goal to reach a healthy weight for life.  They will explore the phases of weight management, determine where they are and learn new habits to help them achieve their goal.
  6. Work with client on creating a new leptogenic world.  The goal here is to support the client in making simple and yet powerful changes in their surroundings to make it easier for them to make healthy choices. We will help client connect time and place with their food choices to optimize health and to explore and implement strategies to adjust their surroundings to create their leptogenic (causing weight loss) world.

What makes Michelle’s Coaching technique different from her competitors is her personal story with health.

As a 15-year-old high school student living on the upper eastside of Manhattan I found myself gaining weight and suffering from depression. I had no idea that these were symptoms of puberty.  I just knew I felt horrible about myself and suffered from low self-esteem. Fortunately for me, I knew at that age to listen to my intuition which some call today, your inner spirit. My inner spirit was telling me to start running.  I lived by Central Park in Manhattan, so I started jogging around the reservoir 4 or 5 times a week. What I found was astonishing! My depression slowly disappeared, and my weight gain gradually subsided. This experience set me up for a lifetime of optimal health.

Inspiration is common, but inspired action is rare!!
~ Gary Zukav

I am a runner for over 35 years who now has incorporated weight training, Pilates, and Yoga as well as Meditation into my practice. I found that exercise and healthy diet as a kid not only helped me to feel emotionally better about myself, but physically as well.  I know first-hand how bad diet and nutrition can affect your life and so now I want to help others on this journey called life.  I do realize that there are those whose problems may be more severe, and will need amore dramatic solution, but my point is that I care, and want to help others to achieve the optimal life that I have come to enjoy.

I spent much of my career working with middle and high school kids on a healthy eating and exercise program. I have worked with seniors educating them about nutrition and the importance of exercise. I have gone into underserved communities educating groups of people with chronic conditions on an evidence-based program that gives them the tools to develop healthy habits.  Health coaching is “Who I AM”!  I believe if you don’t have good health, you really can’t live a gratifying and enjoyable life.

Meet Michelle